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RHF55 Ported Turbine Housing Service VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52

RHF55 Ported Turbine Housing Service VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52

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 TPC Inc's hand porting yields approximately 35 wtq more with 400-600 rpm gains in spool!

But that's not all...

Our porting allows the turbo to hold more boost in the upper rpm's and make 20whp more on stock cast wheel.... That's huge!

These dyno tests were all done with the stock turbine and compressor wheel of an RHF55 VF39.  Both of the graphs were recorded on the same turbo, same car and both was tuned by The Panda at Neetronics. 

Please visit our other listing for the Flapper upgrade that virtually eliminates boost creep. 

Picture posted for reference only.

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