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EA888.3 SAI Block Off Plate w/Gasket

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The Precision Raceworks SAI (Secondary Air Injection) Block off plate is a great way to safely remove the SAI pump for leak testing of the SAI or for cleaning/servicing of the cylinder head. This kit comes with a billet block off plate CNC machined from 6061 aluminum that has been anodized to prevent corrosion and a new gasket to guarantee a perfect seal every time.


Is this intended to delete my SAI?

NO! Removal of your SAI is not legal in many states, as such this product is only for temporarily blocking it off for cleaning/servicing purposes only.

This product is not for use on vehicles used on public roadways or private roads or closed coursed venues. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure removal of the block off plate after use for cleaning or leak testing.


NOTE: Precision Raceworks LLC does not permit this part to be used for elimination or tampering with emission systems in any way. Use of this product in such manor is illegal. Precision Raceworks will cancel or not allow purchase of this product if it is believed the customer has intentions or is considering using this product for anything other than the intended design use.


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