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BMW E9x / E8x Bucketed Low Pressure Pump Upgrade (non-modular)

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The Precision Raceworks E9x / E8x LOW PRESSURE BUCKETED FUEL PUMPS are designed for customers looking to run all blends of E85. All pump options below include Genuine Walbro 450 (F90000274) or Walbro 535 (F90000295) fuel pump(s) capable of flowing up to 350% more fuel than the factory fuel pump and all options are 100% E85 compliant.

  • Stage 2 (2.6 liters per minute)
    Our Stage 2 bucketed fuel pump comes with a single Walbro 450 (F90000274) fuel pump. This pump can support up to 575whp (Rated for 500whp on 100% E85).
  • Stage 2.5 v2 (3.9 liters per minute)
    Our Stage 2 bucketed fuel pump comes with a single Walbro 535 (F90000295) fuel pump. This pump can support up to 650whp (Rated for 550whp on 100% E85).

How is this different from the other bucketed pump:

The Non-Modular pump is a non-upgradeable pump.  We do not offer any upgrade kits that will work with this pump.  This kit is for those that are looking for a specific HP and have no plans on going any bigger.  If you think you might want to go for higher horsepower in the future, then consider getting our Modular Pump HERE


All kits are fully assembled and ready to drop-in!


    While all bucketless fuel pumps flow .2gpm more than a bucket design that retains the venturi it comes at a cost. Bucketless pumps should not be driven on tanks lower than ¼ full and should not be used for road course racing. This is not a disadvantage of only bucketless designs but also a disadvantage for any bucket design which deletes the venturi. If you do not plan on road course racing (not street racing) and are responsible at maintaining ¼ tank of fuel during spirited driving bucketless pumps can be a cheaper alternative for you.

    *To reach the advertised ability of these fuel pumps use of the Precision Raceworks in tank filter regulator assembly is required.

    ** Some European Spec vehicles may require re-use of top hat due to differences in emissions requirements.

    This is a true plug and play solution that anyone can install in their home garage and start taking advantage of the benefits right away.


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