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Why Choose GLS Performance Tuning?

Unlike others who offer off-the-shelf (OTS) tunes, we provide 100% custom-tailored tuning specifically for your vehicle. This personalized approach ensures optimal performance for your unique setup, whether it's for street driving, track racing, or anything in between.

Proven Performance

Our track record includes tuning the fastest stock block 6-speed manual VW GTI, achieving an impressive 60-130 mph time of 6.22 seconds. We also have multiple cars running 10-second quarter miles, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of our tuning services.

Popular Features

Our custom tuning offers a wide range of configuration options to enhance your vehicle's performance:

  • Multi Map: 5 slots with variable ignition and boost profiles.
  • Multi Map Flex Fuel: Map switching without an ethanol content sensor.
  • Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Custom Launch Control: DSG cars.
  • No Lift Shift: For manual cars.
  • Brake to Start: Clutch-less start for manual cars.
  • Boost by Gear
  • True Flex Fuel: Capable with required ethanol content sensor wired to ECU.

Requesting Custom Tuning

  1. Submit a Ticket: Provide detailed vehicle information and hardware upgrades.
  2. Evaluation: Our team will review your request and determine if custom tuning can meet your goals.
  3. Approval: If approved, we will proceed with your custom tuning request.

Customer Participation

Custom tuning requires significant participation from the customer. Key requirements include:

  • Dyno Access: Your vehicle must have access to dyno time when needed. Many facilities offer dyno rentals.
  • Data Logging: Data logging is essential for precise tuning. If you are uncomfortable with data logging or cannot access a dyno facility, custom tuning may not be feasible for you.
  • Macchina A0: Purchase of a Macchina A0 Automotive Interface is required for tuning.
  • Android Device Required: No Apple support at this time. (can use budget device with hotspot)

Get Started Today

Experience the ultimate in performance tuning with GLS Performance. Contact us today to begin your custom ECU tuning journey and unlock your vehicle’s full potential!