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GLS Performance Motorsports LLC


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Here at GLS Performance Tuning we offer custom engine tuning using SIMOS TOOLS, Eurodyne Maestro, Eurodyne has been part or the VW/Audi game for many years and supports a wide range of VW/Audi vehicles.  We specialize in the VW/Audi MQB platform and have tuned several VW GTI/R and Audi A3/S3 cars over the past few years. We pride ourselves on having some of the fastest cars out there, with some of the fastest turn around times for revisions on the tunes, response times typically same day so as fast as you can log we can get revisions out in a very reasonable time. 

The Base Maestro file will be just 1 file and will be a good starting point for anyone wanting to try and learn from. From stock turbos to hybrid/BT setups

I have tuned the fastest stock block 6mt  vw gti 60-130mph @7.05 seconds, several 10 second 1/4 mile cars

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GLS Performance Motorsports operates both with inventory stocked in hand, and through "drop shipping" items from our vendors. By making a purchase from GLS Performance Motorsports, you accept that orders will ship upon availability and inventory status with our and our vendors products.