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Porsche 997 Upgraded Turbocharger Service

Porsche 997 Upgraded Turbocharger Service

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 TPC uses only the best wheel combination in all their turbos and for the 997 we are proud to release a billet compressor wheel upgrade that was inspired by the new Garrett G series compressor designs. 

A secret about these turbos that many won't say is that the stock turbine wheel can't be upgraded to a bigger version because of the unique VGT/VNT vane system that belongs in these turbine housings. To our knowledge this is the only turbo in the gasoline automotive world with a vane system like the diesel application regularly use. This makes the 997+ turbo very unique! But that doesn't stop us from making them better.

That being said about the turbine wheel there is no point in going with bigger compressor wheels then what we offer since the turbine wheel will simply not support it.

Another secret is that the BV50 turbine wheels can not be purchased, but not to worry, TPC made their own custom replacement turbine wheels! This way you get a fresh turbine wheel with every rebuild and upgrade. 

High Speed balanced in house on our VSR balancing machine.

Note: Contact us for lead times before ordering, need customer cores for service. Price is for the pair, may very depending on condition of your turbos, customer cores needed, all parts in stock for quick turn around time, shops welcomed. 

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